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Beta trial

Beta trial for prescribers

TaperMD is currently in clinical trials in Canada and Australia. We are looking for Beta testers with an initial focus on North America (but please apply if you are in another country so we can determine which markets to work with next). There are a limited number of Beta spots available. We hope to engage with testers in a range of groups to improve TaperMD for each group.

Does this describe you? If so we would love to work with you to set up a pilot project
  1. Primary care physicians and nurse practitioners.
  2. Geriatricians.
  3. Pharmacists.
  4. Hospitals.
  5. Long-term care facilities.
  6. Payers (government, insurance companies, corporations).
  7. Pharmacy chains.
  8. Patient advocate groups.

There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Beta trial, plus fees for any customization or specialized training.

Why should I become a Beta trial participant?
  • By participating in the Beta trial program you provide us with valuable assistance and feedback used in reaching our goal of aligning TaperMD with your needs.
  • You will be integral in shaping the development of new versions of TaperMD.
  • You will be one of the first to know what’s new and exciting with TaperMD!
  • You will receive up to one hour free for training.
  • With your permission, active contributors will be added to a page on our website featuring a Board of Contributors

As a thank you, all active Beta trial participants will receive special pricing for the first year.

What does being a Beta participant entail?
  • Your goal as a Beta trial participant is to find things to improve, both big and small. Defects are problems in the software that cause it to act in unexpected ways or not at all. They can be as simple as a misaligned column, or big enough to shut the system down.
  • As you are using the software you will need to keep track of the actions you are taking. Then, if you discover something, you will be able to tell us exactly what steps you took that caused the problem to occur.
  • Once we have received your report we will contact you to ask for more information or to update you on the status.

This is truly a collaboration where you have a chance to help your patients — and patients around the world — by making this tool even better.