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A team approach to managing your patients’ medications

TaperMD is a revolutionary solution to the medication management gap. Developed with McMaster University, it was built to address the serious problems of polypharmacy and drug side effects, and to fit in with normal consultation processes.

  •  The web-based TaperMD Portal uses a proven methodology and provides prescribers with integrated tools to manage, communicate, and review patient medication plans.
    Patients drive the process through an initial interview in which they document their medications and discuss their concerns, goals, and priorities for treatment.
  • The process enables patients to better understand their medication impacts and risks, and offers them a personalized plan to be monitored by them and their treatment team.
  • TaperMD’s unique “at a glance” presentation of each patient’s medication profile, along with cumulative drug burden information, warnings, and drill-down capability, provides prescribers with the data to make informed clinical decisions.
  • The integrated TaperMD methodology enables prescribers to develop and manage a team-based medication plan with a focus on reducing patient medication burden in a systematic and holistic manner.
  • TaperMD’s Snapshot view provides a mobile-friendly overview for each patient medication plan, which can be exported into an electronic medical record or shared with the patient.

The Right Information, at the Right Time, in the Right Place

We’ve designed TaperMD to support a systematic primary care pathway to reduce the medication burden on older adults. Health care providers create their own TaperMD Portal and can add patients and caregivers to the Portal.

Through a team approach, a TaperMD Plan is created and monitored.

The TaperMD solution helps health care providers manage, communicate, and review medications for their patients.

Become a North American Beta tester

TaperMD is in Beta and is in clinical trials in Canada and Australia. We are currently accepting applications for Beta testers at a reduced subscription price. This represents an ideal opportunity to implement TaperMD in your practice and provide your feedback on any features and benefits you would like to see added.

(We will be starting off with Beta testers in North America, but will gladly accept applications from other countries for future rollouts.)

If you would like to be a TaperMD beta tester please fill in the contact form below. We will also provide access to a copy of our White Paper.


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