A team approach to managing your patients’ medications

We designed TaperMD to support a systematic primary care pathway to reduce the medication burden on older adults. It is currently being used in an ongoing McMaster University clinical research study led by Dr. Dee Mangin in Canada. Although the initial focus has been on seniors (who are likely to have multiple chronic conditions and are on multiple medications), we believe that anyone on five or more medications will also greatly benefit.

Health care providers create their own TaperMD Portal through a paid subscription and invite patients and caregivers to the Portal. Through a team approach, a TaperMD Plan is created.

The Portal’s process and technology:

  1. Patient Interview: Enables patients and caregivers to initiate the creation of and access to a medication-specific personal health record containing information on patient history, medications, allergies, suspected medication side effects, and other relevant personal information. The patient questionnaire also helps to establish patient health priorities.
  2. Medication Panel: Allows health care providers to review and possibly reduce the medication burden on patients by providing just-in-time access to resources in a custom panel to inform clinical decision-making.
  3. TaperMD Plan: Captures, for each baseline medication, proposals, priorities, what to monitor (and when), who will monitor, as well as notes from clinical visits.
  4. Snapshot: Provides a mobile-friendly snapshot of the status of the TaperMD Plan for each medication that can be pasted into an electronic medical record or printed for the patient.

Would you like to be a beta tester?

We now have a release candidate of the TaperMD Portal for clinical use and are looking for early adopters to help improve the process and technology for wider release.

If you would like to be a TaperMD beta tester please fill in the contact form below.