Antibacterials for systemic use


Alert at Creatinine Clearance < 30mL/min. Side effects of Fluoroquinolones are more due to declining renal function rather than being solely age-related. The adverse effects of the CNS are more of a concern for the elderly. A patient that already has pre-existing CNS impairments should be monitored very closely. Dose reduction is recommended if the creatinine clearance is lower than the limit.

Chronic renal impairment is a risk factor for increased frequency of tendon rupture if fluoroquinolones are used.

Resource Links

  • FDA Monograph:  Ciprofloxin
  • Stahlmann R, Fluoroquinolones in the Elderly. Safety considerations. Review Article. Drugs Aging 2003: 20(4): 289- 302


Nitrofurantoin can cause a pulmonary reaction, peripheral neuropathy, and hepatotoxicity. Other notes in older adults: avoid use in individuals with creatinine clearance under 30ml per minute. These patients are at an increased risk because renal clearance of the drug is impaired.

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