Leading-Edge Medication Therapy Management and Drug Review Tool

TaperMD is a clinically-proven tool that gives healthcare providers information to optimize care decisions and save time. The streamlined visual evidence and review tools avoid information overload.

Helping Practitioners Around The World

TaperMD is currently used by consultant pharmacists and doctors in multiple countries to improve clinical outcomes for patients and incorporate the latest research and evidence into their practice.

TaperMD tools have been used in multiple settings, and are appropriate for healthcare providers serving:

  • Long-term care homes (LTC)
  • Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)
  • Older community dwelling patients


See medications, vitals, and assess medications using the latest evidence, all in a single view that streamlines the information you need.


Avoid time-consuming data entry and information lookup, with two-way integrations with leading EMRs like PointClickCare.

Communication & Planning

Track patient history, communicate changes, recommendations, and plan for ongoing monitoring and reviews.

Cut Medication Review Time By 50%.

Improve Patient Outcomes.

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Patient Input

Easily see a patient’s care plan, relevant vitals, and their priorities to help inform decision making.

Streamlined Evidence Review

TaperMD is designed to provide up-to-date evidence for doctors and pharmacists to review, customized for each patient.

Visual flagging allows reviews across a patient’s full set of medications to flag and help evaluate:

  • Total anticholinergic burden
  • Risk for serotonin syndrome
  • Hypotension and fall risk
  • QT prologation and Torsades de pointes (TdP) risk
  • Potentially inappropriate medicines (PIMs)
  • Dose adjustments for kidney function and creatinine clearance
  • Medication appropriateness for dementia

Plan The Clinical Pathway

Quickly add and track recommendations for medications, patient vital monitoring, and quickly access the full history of changes and results.

Share Information With Patients and Practitioners

Easily export the information to share it with other practitioners, the patient and their family, or directly into an EMR.

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