Are you on too many meds?
Reducing your medication burden may be the single best thing you can do to improve your quality of life.

Help your doctor help you

Ask your doctor about a TaperMD Plan to manage a thorough medication review. Filling in the patient profile takes about 30 minutes to complete.

And it could save your life.

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There’s a drug for that…

As we age we often develop an increasingly complex mix of health conditions — and each one can require yet another prescription. On average, adults in OECD countries are on seven prescription medications. And each new medication increases the risk of side effects and interactions. Adverse drug events are now a leading cause of hospitalization, disability, and death.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable

Aging affects our ability to process medications, as well as our resistance to adverse effects. One of the biggest health hazards for seniors is falling — often a result of multiple medications, which can cause cognitive difficulties and affect balance.

How can a TaperMD Plan help?

A TaperMD Plan helps your doctor review all the medications you are taking and provides him or her with warnings, tools, and protocols to help manage your medication burden.

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How does TaperMD work?

Step 1:

Register with with the access code your doctor gives you and fill in the patient profile (takes 10-30 minutes).

Step 2:

Both you and your doctor will receive an email with a link to your TaperMD Plan to use as part of a thorough medication review.

Step 3:

Your doctor will use your TaperMD Plan to determine if you need to stop or reduce any meds and to monitor your progress.

Step 4:

Your secure TaperMD Plan will become part of your medical file, monitoring any changes to your meds as part of routine care.

Am I eligible to use this service?

You must be invited by a health care provider to use TaperMD. If your health care provider is a user of this service, please ask them to send you a registration email. If not, tell them about us!

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We take the protection of your data seriously

All communications through the TaperMD portal use high-level encryption and are transmitted over our secure network.
Feel confident knowing that all sensitive data remains private and well-protected.

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