You are likely visiting this website because you or someone you love is on more medications than seems sensible.

Trust your gut.

There is no harm in having a regular medication review, and in fact it can be a lifesaver.

TaperMD was originally developed by Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd., in conjunction with the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University, to help reduce the medication burden in seniors. The tool was a great success (here are some case studies), and we are now using it in a research study to validate and improve the system for broader clinical use.

Our vision is of a medical system where explicit interventions for reducing the burden of treatment are part of routine preventive care — just like immunization and screening.

With TaperMD, patients have a simple but powerful tool to begin a meaningful conversation with their doctors by asking them questions such as:

  • Are there strategies that don’t use drugs for my condition?
  • Do my meds reflect my priorities for care?
  • Am I benefiting from taking meds long-term?
  • Am I suffering from drug interactions or a prescribing cascade?
  • Can this effect that I am experiencing be caused by a med?
  • Which meds are still providing benefit? (Are there any meds that were once helpful that I no longer need?)
  • Can some meds be tapered and stopped?
  • Can the dosage of any of my meds be reduced?
  • Can my pill taking or pill burden be simplified?
  • Are there strategies to mitigate the financial impact of my meds?

It may be that at the end of the process you find that you are on exactly the right meds and that no changes are necessary, but not always.

Remember, often less is more!

Dee Mangin, MD
David Braley Chair in Family Medicine
McMaster University, Canada
905-525-9140, ext. 21685