Will the user’s PointClickCare account need to be modified to support the integration with TaperMD?

  1. The answer is ‘Maybe’, if a user is authorized to do the function in PointClickCare, they should be able to do the function in TaperMD.
  2. Standard user roles and scopes from PCC that are necessary to fully utilize the integration include:
    • “user/patient.read”, “Get Patient Demographics”
    • “user/coverage.read”, “Get Patient Insurance”
    • “user/medication.read”, “Get Patient Medications”
    • “user/allergyintolerance.read”, “Get Patient Allergies”
    • “user/progressnote.write”, “Send Encounters”
    • “user/progressnoteaddendum.write”, “Send Addendums”
  3. Consolidate access for Users who visit more than one facility in your network. A user should have only one unique set of PCC login credentials for a facility network. The problem with multiple user accounts within the same facility organization is that encounters will not send consistently through the interface due to a ‘User lacks access to facility’ discrepancy.
  4. Ensure the PointClickCare user account(s) have been added to every appropriate resident profile so they will be able to see the residents’ records.