Our mission

Optimal prescribing using a clinical pathway that is guided by patient history and values and the expertise of their healthcare teams.

This pathway is informed by integrated tools that draw together:

  • drug safety and effectiveness,
  • drug interactions,
  • adverse drug effects,
  • cumulative drug burden,
  • drug discontinuation and monitoring, and
  • polypharmacy and prescribing cascade risks.

TaperMD’s focus is on older adults with a view to reducing their medication burden as appropriate. This approach reflects the philosophy of our two founders, Dr. Dee Mangin and Dr. David Healy, who are recognized international experts in polypharmacy, de-prescribing, rational medication use, and drug safety.

TaperMD features and benefits

  • Collect patient priorities, values, and suspected medication side effects to inform the medication review.
  • Unique dashboard with a high-level overview (and drill-down capability) of patient input, relevant history, cumulative medication burden, medication alerts, drug monographs, and TaperMD plan status.
  • Traditional interaction checker.
  • Optional (simplified) patient view.
  • Snapshot view for input into EHR/EMR and patient/caregiver handouts.
  • Proprietary screens for potentially inappropriate medications and medication burdens.
  • Detailed “pause and monitor” plan for each medication.
  • Access to de-prescribing and tapering guidelines.
  • Links to relevant literature.

The TaperMD methodology is currently being used in clinical trials in general practice and in long-term care settings in Canada (McMaster University) and Australia (The University of Western Australia et. al.). To read more about the TAPER project, click here.