Launch of PIMsPlus Medication Reference Site

Inappropriate medication reduces the quality of life and can cause adverse drug reactions that can result in disability

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (November 13, 2020) — TaperMD, makers of a leading-edge medication therapy management and drug review platform, alongside partners McMaster University Department of Family Medicine and the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), today announced the launch of the website. The new site provides physicians and pharmacists information about Potentially Inappropriate Medications (PIMs) which impact the quality of life of millions of older adults every year.

Inappropriate medication reduces the quality of life and can cause adverse drug reactions that can result in disability or premature death. A 2020 University at Buffalo study found that more than one in three older adults in the US are prescribed a PIM. These patients were almost twice as likely to visit the emergency room or be hospitalized and were prescribed twice the number of medications on average compared to those who were not prescribed a PIM. In the US, adverse drug reactions cause 1.3 million emergency department visits each year and about 350,000 hospitalizations, representing 6-12% of all hospital admissions in older adults.

Older adults comprise 15–18% of the population but consume 30–40% of prescription medications and over-the-counter and herbal medicines,” says Dr. Chad Worz, Chief Executive of ASCP. “With older populations taking more medications, the growth of this demographic, and the number of new medications being introduced, the need for medication reviews and tools to support the increasing complexity is greater than ever. There are a number of tools and lists out there, but we wanted a simple, free electronic resource to help clinicians and their patients evaluate and then address potentially inappropriate medication use.”

If you’re taking more than five pills, you’re twice as likely to have a side effect than if you’re taking fewer than two,” says Dr. Dee Mangin, Associate Chair, Research, and the David Braley & Nancy Gordon Chair in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University. “I see reducing overmedication and inappropriate medications as one of the best and most cost-effective opportunities we have for improving health care and the lives of older adults in the next 30 years. Medication reviews need to become as routine as the flu shot.”

The information to flag and identify inappropriate medications is often scattered across multiple sources and can be difficult to decipher, limiting its clinical usefulness. addresses this challenge by integrating this critical data into a free, easy-to-use solution, where clinicians can look up both generic and brand name medications in the US.

Our mission is to support clinicians to optimize patient care, and we need evidence-based tools to address a broader problem, ” says Peter Wood, CEO, TaperMD. “In PIMsPlus we have also included a quick assessment tool for patients, to determine whether they might benefit from a conversation with their pharmacist and family physician about a medication review.” The assessment tool also provides information on how to connect with an ASCP pharmacist with advanced training in caring for older adults.

About American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

ASCP is a membership association that represents pharmacists, health care professionals, and students serving the unique medication needs of older adults. ASCP is an international organization with members located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and 12 countries. The society’s mission is to promote healthy aging by empowering pharmacists with education, resources, and innovative opportunities. Learn more at

Founded in 1969, ASCP is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia. The ASCP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; its purpose is to carry out the charitable – including scientific, literary, and educational – purposes of ASCP. Learn more at

The ASCP Foundation is dedicated to educating older adults and caregivers about principles and practices associated with the safe and appropriate use of medicines. The ASCP Foundation’s unique focus is the development, integration, and application of knowledge regarding medication use in the older adult population and the practice of senior care pharmacy to optimize health outcomes.

About McMaster University Department of Family Medicine (DFM)

Since 1967, the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at McMaster University has been making a difference in our communities. As a Department and as individuals, we aim to support people and their families in staying happy, healthy, and active at all stages of their lives. All areas of our Department, and each member of our team, play a part in impacting people’s lives locally, nationally and globally.

A DFM multi-year research project on a Team Approach to Polypharmacy Evaluation and Reduction (TAPER) uses TaperMD to support the research.

For more information on the DFM TAPER Project , visit:

TaperMD (a division of Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd.)

PIMsPlus is one of the elements of the TaperMD tool that was created to help doctors, pharmacists, and their patients work together to address the serious problems of polypharmacy and medication side effects, especially in older adults.

TaperMD integrates with regular consultation processes among medical professionals as they seek to manage multiple medications for their patients. toolTaperMD’s medication review tool was developed in conjunction with the Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada and is being used in clinical trials in multiple locations in Canada and Australia. For more information, visit:

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