TaperMD Integration with PointClickCare for LTPAC Consultant Pharmacists

Working together to help pharmacists perform better, more efficient medication reviews.

TaperMD’s intuitive medication-review dashboard and clinical support tools are now seamlessly connected to relevant PointClickCare patient information, and medication history, eliminating the need for time-consuming rekeying of data.

Pharmacists benefit by seeing information customized to their patients, including evidence-based support tools, clinical guidance, and methods to triage medication issues. TaperMD also tracks the history of recommendations and easily generates reports to share with nursing staff and prescribers, allowing pharmacists to focus on high-value tasks that improve patient outcomes and to preemptively catch medication issues before any adverse outcomes occur.

This ground-breaking integration will benefit pharmacists who serve LTPAC facilities that use PointClickCare by allowing them to focus on high-value tasks that improve patient outcomes and catch medication issues before adverse outcomes occur.

To use TaperMD’s Pharmacist’s dashboard no new login credentials are required. Only your PointClickCare credentials.

The Pharmacist’s dashboard is presented as a single web page allowing for streamlined clinical consulting. There are three sections to the dashboard.

  1. Patient Information
  2. Evidence and Risk Assessment Grid
  3. Clinical Pathway

Patient Information

Two-way connection with PointClickCare automatically incorporates patient data:

  1. History, vitals, conditions, allergies, lab values, and priorities
  2. Medications, dosing, and route information
Chart BP
Current BP & History
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Evidence and Risk Assessment Grid

Relevant screens are presented in a grid that visually flags potential risks for each medication through automated screens against the patient’s medications and conditions.

The automated screens include:

  • Cumulative anticholinergic burden
  • Cumulative risk for serotonin syndrome
  • Hypotension and fall risk
  • QT prolongation and Torsades de pointes (TdP) risk
  • Potentially inappropriate medicines (PIMs)
  • Dose adjustments for impaired kidney function
  • Medication appropriateness for dementia
  • Interactions checker

The grid also provides access to FDA product monographs and a drill-down capability for more detail on the screens with explanations and links to evidence.

SaraA Screens
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Clinical Pathway

The dashboard includes a clinical pathway allowing CPs to quickly add and track recommendations for each medication – supported by the latest tapering/GDR and monitoring guidance and quickly access the full history of changes and results. The CPs recommendations can be posted to the Patient’s chart and/or the Observations Tab in PointClickCare.

Pharmacist's Recommendations
Summary of Pharmacist's recommendations which can be posted to the Patient's chart
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Streamlined Clinical Consulting With Benefits

Evidence and Risk Assessment

TaperMD is designed to provide up-to-date evidence for Pharmacists, customized for each patient. Medication screens in a consolidated layout make a comprehensive analysis easy, with detailed drill-downs still available to the practitioner.

Reduce Data Entry

  • TaperMD eliminates time-consuming double data entry by maintaining a live two-way connection with PointClickCare which saves time rekeying data. A historical record of medication changes and recommendations is maintained. This makes it simple for the Pharmacist to quickly get up to date on the patient’s history and begin the next review. 
  • Up to date patient history, clear reporting, and easy to use interface enhances communication within the patient’s circle of care.

Latest Cloud-based Technologies

TaperMD is a browser-based platform which means no installation is required. All that is needed is a device with a stable internet connection. TaperMD uses industry-standard secure socket layer technology (SSL), is HIPPA compliant, stores minimal patient data (numerical identifiers only)  in encrypted form, draws patient data from PointClickCare only for the session, and leaves patient data in the custody of PointClickCare.

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