TaperMD qualifies for Ontario’s New Medications Safety Funding

Toronto, Canada, September 7, 2021 — TaperMD, maker of a cutting-edge online medication review platform announced new collaborative medication review tools as part of new initiatives eligible under Ontario’s Medication Safety Technology funding program for long-term care facilities (LTC).

TaperMD provides an end-to-end medication review workspace, and with the new collaboration tools pharmacists, nurses, and prescribers can access the intuitive medication-review dashboard and clinical support tools.

“We know from experience how important collaboration of the whole care team is when it comes to medication safety,” said Dr. Dee Mangin, TaperMD Chief Medical Officer and Professor of Family Medicine at McMaster University. “When evaluating medication appropriateness or attempting deprescribing, no two patients are the same, and collaborative efforts help deliver individualized decisions that lead to the best care for each patient.”

“When the care team has access to time-saving tools, they are freeing up time so they can focus on patient and resident care,” said James Wood, TaperMD Chief Product Officer. “And it’s another step in digital process transformation, which helps reduce errors and helps ensure there are no delays if reviews need to be done remotely.”

Matt Richards, Head of Client Implementations, added that “the Medication Safety Self-Assessment emphasizes care team collaboration when it comes to better medication safety, and homes were telling us they needed help with that.” “Which is why we’re pleased that in addition to our leading decision support tools, with this new launch we help the whole care team collaborate and deliver the best care possible.”

About TaperMD

TaperMD integrates with regular consultation processes among medical professionals as they seek to manage multiple medications for their patients. TaperMD’s medication review tool was developed in conjunction with the Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada, and is being used in clinical trials in multiple locations in Canada and Australia at multiple community and LTPAC sites. TaperMD is also being used in a commercial setting in Canada and New Zealand in multiple healthcare settings. For more information, visit TaperMD.com.

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